Friday, 30 December 2011

Walking up Trafoi

It is one of those years where there is very little snow around. Trafoi has only one run open, from the restaurant down to the village and on opening day I thought I might as well walk up the mountain instead.

So I managed to talk Sarah into coming with me.
It is one tough walk and we managed it just under two hours.

The reward is a bombardino.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Eve

After that quiet walk in the forest in the day, Christmas Eve was anything but quiet. Being used to a table that holds 5 our table is now extended to 25 people. 

It was an evening filled with laughter, good food and wine. 


Spending Christmas in Tannenheim, high up in the mountains is fun. For one, you know it is going to be a white Christmas. Missing my family and friends in Norway on this day I decided to do the walk into the "Three Fountains" in Trafoi. Luckily for me, Sarah, Beverly, Claire and Grace all decided to come with me. This is Grace's first time to the three fountains and mum Claire carried her in a rucksack there.

The walk in takes us about an hour and it takes us through an enchanted forest with animal tracks everywhere.

Finally reaching our destination I went into the small church and lit a candle for a friend who unexpectedly died this year. It is so nice and peaceful in here and the energies are so strong.

 We filled up our water bottles with the holy water that runs in a little stream just behind the church and started our walk back.
Some of us had it easier that others...:-)
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Saturday, 24 December 2011


So, we are back in Trafoi. Our first couple of days here we've had temps down to -15, (brrrr..), snowstorms and we've been boarding blind due to no visibility on the slopes. 

 Here John is in the Hotel Tannenheim boot-room getting ready for a big day out. The ski bus leaves at 08.40 every morning to go to Sulden and we are back in the hotel at 17.00. Pretty big day.
Then the Deblins family from Kauaii came over. 30 hours travelling, jet lagged to the max and they landed right in the middle of a snowstorm and zero visibility on their first day here.
Enough to put any skier off but these guys are tough. We went to Sulden which is on a glazier and colder than most other places. Their first day there they could not see a thing so it was good to bring them back on their second day to brilliant sunshine, 0 degrees and no wind.

And what is even better with the snowfall we had the last two days, the groomed runs were smooth and nice, also since it is just before Xmas there is hardly anyone around up here so you feel like you are boarding all by yourself. Can't beat it.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Fitness training

Yes. I wasn't joking when I said we come down here to Tenerife to do a bit of training. Thanks to our mermaid neighbour Sally down in our Paradise home, she got us on to these incredible swimming goggles which my husband had brought with him all the way from Bali for us to swim Tenerife.

What I haven't told you is that the water temperature in Tenerife compared to Nembo land is like winter and summer. So our first morning there, after I had my little power walk and was hot and sweaty we stumbled down to the beach and honestly I had a complete body freeze just by dipping my toes into the water it was that cold. It felt like my toes were going to come off with frost bite. (Ok maybe exaggerating a little). 

However, due to my highly competitive nature and the fact that it was I who had dragged John down to the beach to get this swim over and done with I could not not swim and for all of you who know John there is no way I could live down not swimming without being teased for the rest of my life.  I wouldn't have heard the end of it, so the stupid, stupid woman I am I flung myself into the sea and started swimming. After getting over my brain freeze it was actually quite nice and the swimming goggles were excellent. However that night my throat got its revenge and by the morning I could hardly speak nor swallow nor eat....John off course being the super human that he is didn't even get the sniffles. So he continued on to swim every morning. Whilst I did my power walk. And for the rest of the week I did not even stick my toes into the water again no matter how alluring it looked and how much John insisted that the water was getting warmer every day.

 Footnote: Do you see anyone else in the water? Didn't think so and it's not like we're talking about a little stretch here either. 


We've just come back from a 6 day break to Tenerife, (Canary Islands). We come here every year in December to soak up some sun and try and to get fit for the snow season.

The last couple of years we've stayed here at Parque Santiago 3 Hotel and it is great, really central, quiet and has an awesome swimming pool.

This year has also been the best year we've had for sun as we had blue skies and sun, sun, sun the whole week. Yay!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Waiting..... deepest anticipation for this years snow. Good to know I am not the only one. 
It is now December and surprisingly mild for this time of year. 
(The picture is borrowed from Facebook)

Friday, 2 December 2011

The Catholic church in Altea

This church was built in 1784.

It is pretty big and very detailed. (Check out the ceiling).  Makes me wonder how long they actually spent building this church. 

L'Alfaz del Pi, Altea

L'Alfaz del Pi is a Valencian town located in Alicante, Spain.
It actually has the largest concentration of Norwegians living abroad and I can totally see why. The weather here in the winter time is a lot warmer than Norway and the whole atmosphere A LOT more laid back. 
We wandered into the "old town" of Altea and it was such a beautiful little town with the Catholic church right at the center, with pub's, cafe's and shops built around the church.

Everywhere you looked there seem to a a photo opportunity. Most of the people living up here in the old town are artists which makes sense. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

The dungeon

Being in the medieval city of Guadalest I would be dissapointed had there not been a dungeon.
Made out of stone, carved into the mountainside. Dark. No TV. No Toilet. Torture devices. Claustrophobic. No bed. Just like a proper dungeon should be. A place where they should put people like Breivik for a couple of years.

Still in Guadalest

Just thought I'd add a few more photo's.
This one below is the belltower for the village church and is quite possibly the landmark of Guadalest.

The gun in placement wall

...and another quick look at the stunning view. 

Guadalest Castle

The Guadalest Castle was originally constructed in the XII Century and it was reformed in the X Century and then again in XI Century. In 1644 it was affected by an earthquake and left to what it is today. 
The interior on the inside they've tried to keep as it was and they have also added a art gallery.

A picture of the kitchen, how it used to be, and the old cabinet full of porcelain. 
It was pretty awesome to walk around in here and get a feel for how things were done way-back-then.


 Located up in the mountains around 25km from Altea, is the tiny village of Guadalest.
It is perched on a pinnacle of a granite mountain and has fantastic views.

It used to be a place of strategic importance and the only way in through this little mountain village is through these doors:

In the 18th Century they were bombarded during the Spanish war of concession but apart from a few canon holes in the monastery walls the place remains intact. When you walk in past these doors you walk into a little tunnel and you come out on the other side at it feels like you've just been transported back to the 18th Century, apart from a few new features like this stairway:

The view from up here is breathtakingly beautiful. More pictures to come.