Sunday, 27 February 2011

Arkuichi,-slurpie slurp

Big John took me to this awesome noodle restaurant yesterday for lunch.
Again, the clue that this was in fact a restaurant and not a house was this little snowed in sign outside the hut:

It is run and owned by a Japanese couple. She was dressed in a beautiful kimono:

The menu is written on a wooden board:

And so are the prices:

The husband is in charge of making the noodles and it was incredible to watch him:

The bowl he mixes the noodle dough in:

The attention to little details in this country and the way they present their food is just sublime.

The food was awesome. However, what I didn't know is that in this country they slurp, very loudly to show their appreciation of the food.
We are all seated on this long bar area so I understood nothing when the man next to me starting slurping and the next thing another lady on the other side slurped even louder. It turned into a slurping symphony and as the grown up child that I am, I could not stop laughing.
I don't think Big John will ever take me out to lunch again.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


It started snowing a bit again yesterday. The view from John's lounge room which normally looks like this:
Yesterday in the day looked like this:
And it continued into the night:
So we had some fun runs here this morning.
They have this beautiful rescue dog here which is a mix between a wolf, husky and the local Japanese dog:

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Food, food glorious food

Thinking we had the option of rice, noodles or raw fish didn't exactly rock John's boat but hands on heart I can say that this has probably been some of the best food we have ever tasted.

There is loads of funky restaurants and the food just keeps on getting better.
Having "Big John" as a guide has been just awesome as he knows this place inside out.
Yesterday we went to this place which honestly just looked like a normal house.
No signs outside, no way we would ever think this was a restaurant.

Inside it was beautiful and the food was sensational.

I totally understand now the rave reviews we have heard about Japan.
With the great powder snow to the awesome food this is a place we would most definitely come back to.
Again and again.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The JR Pad

Thought I'd show you some pictures of "Big John's" house where we are staying for the two weeks here in Japan.

As you can see by the door sign...(what? you don't read Japanese?)
He has designed it himself and it is well thought out.
3 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, entrance, board room on the ground floor, with the Japanese sliding doors,

place for our shoes as true to the Japanese tradition you are not allowed to wear shoes inside, there are slippers provided.

Upstairs there is a wide open living/kitchen area, toilet and wash room.

And magnificent views to the ski runs which is basically just outside his lounge window,

and he even has a fire place.


One of "Big John's" friends got married on Valentine's Day and we got invited for a BBQ.
In the snow!
Needless to say the dude was from Australia.
It was around -10, freezing, they kept on pouring petrol on the fire to keep it going, so we didn't last very long and we sought refuge in the nearest restaurant with a hot cup of tea.