Friday, 29 April 2011

Sitting still

Surf did unexpectedly come up.
I had a three and half hour session this afternoon in some pretty good waves.
My body is now aching and my brain has turned into mush so it was great just to sit still and watch the sun set and feel the day slowly settling into night.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

New fence

Our neighbours fence was almost flattened to the ground when we got back to the island this year. Which was a problem as all the goats and pigs had easy access to our land.
So John and I sat down and talked things through and decided to put up a rock wall. Rock wall = no more goats/pigs into our property = happy flowers and hopefully a bit more privacy for us and our neighbours.
So this last week the local dudes have been hard at work and I have never seen a rock wall go up this quick before.

The most beautiful book

...I've read so far this year is : "The Love Verb" by Jane Green.

There is so many mouthwatering recipes in this book they had me salivating and if I had the ingredients I would try and cook every single one of them. I dare you to not shed a single tear whilst reading this beautiful gem. It's impossible.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"If you could have anything.... the world for dinner tonight, what would you have"?
This is one of our favourite "games" here on the island. Normally this "game" doesn't start until way after two months have gone by but due to lack of good veggies at the market, lack of fish etc. etc. it has started way before its time.
We have been here on the island a little over a month now and it has gotten to the stage where I am actually dreaming of food. (Sad, I know). That and the fact that we are running shockingly low on chocolate means we are near crises time...
Imagine then my pleasant surprise when we got visitors from Japan in today who brought us goodies:
I Love goodies from foreign countries and these little strawberry cakes went down a real treat.
I try not to think about all the "bad" stuff that is in them. They are good and just eating something different makes my taste buds jump for joy.
Big John brought some fish down yesterday so we had Fish and chips for dinner this afternoon which was a welcome treat from the spinach leaves, green leaves, green beans and tempeh.
Want to try to make Fish and Chips at home?
The secret is a bit of baking soda, (a very clever person told me), in the flour mixture and soak the fish in lightly beaten eggs before dipping them in the flour mixture and then fry. (Sally I can hear you cringe all the way from Australia) ;-)
Just for the record: Today if I could have anything I wanted in the whole world for dinner I would choose Greek Salad, Souvlaki with Tzatsiki or fried calamari, (haven't made my mind up yet, -maybe both), pita bread, hummous, Baklava for dessert and fresh strawberries. Hmm...maybe some shrimps too. There is a Greek restaurant in Bali called Mykonos and that will be my first dinner stop once we get back there.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Before and after, (Blog from John)

You have all seen the before and after shots.....You know the fat looking "chick"who suddenly starts the diet pills or tries the latest stomach crunching contraption and turns into the "hot" looking babe.

Conversely we have the before shot of the 50 kg weakling "dude"who joins the ABC gym and within 30 days has turned into Mr Universe.

Noting the above I thought i'd share some shots of our holiday paradise home taken before and after our arrival back here in Indonesia.
For more information on how these miraculous transformations were possible please donate all life savings to John's bank account......Full money back guarantee within 30 days if not satisfied.

Treasure beach

With the sun giving us a welcoming break from the rain we've been cruising around the island. I still can't get over how green and lush it is here.
Found some beautiful pieces of driftwood at Treasure beach that are now safe in our house and the plan is to turn them into picture frames.
The beach down here is beautiful and untouched.
Then I had two surfs yesterday and today I can hardly move my arms.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Here comes the sun.....

I could not believe it when I woke up this morning.
The sun was up and out and shining and the world is a much better place.
With the sun out comes the dragon flies and there is hordes of them right now. All in different colours they are pretty spectacular to watch.
Watched the sun set this evening, without clouds....and even had time to play around with the cats. All in all it has been an absolutely awesome day here on the island. The 'free solarium' and swimming pool was even open for business. Felt like the first day of a proper holiday. Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Couch potatoes

Need I say more?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Market day

Tuesdays is market day here on the island. That's where we go to get all our food supplies, (read: vegetables, fruit, tempeh, tofu, seeds etc), for the week. When I woke up this morning it was raining so hard it was raining upwards. I did not feel like getting out of bed at all but the idea of living off muesli and yoghurt for a week got me going. So I cut a hole in a big black rubbish bin liner and put it over my head and off I went on my push bike.

I was an hour later than normal this morning and when I got to the market the stalls were still unpacking their goodies. Walking ankle deep in a fine mixture of cow, pig and goat poo made my trip there super quick. Got hold of the most important things: potatoes, limes, green leafy vegetable, bananas. I miss the tomatoes though. Hasn't been one in sight since we got here. Would have taken pictures but sadly my camera is not waterproof so I'll save that for a sunny day. (Will it ever be sunny again here)?
What to do with the rest of the day?
I think I will have my first cup of coffee this month, crank up the generator and put "Dirty Dancing" on.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Fish and Chips

After that outing yesterday, Big John invited us over to his for dinner.

Which was a welcome treat.
Fish and Chips. Chocolate cup-cakes. Avocado eye-eye. No dishes.

Can't get any better than that.

Yet another cyclone

Is it cyclone season or what?
Yet another beauty hit us yesterday and John & John got their kites out for a spin.
The winds were quite gusty and strong and luckily the event went by without any damages. (Phew!) The whole kite boarding affair takes time and effort. There's ropes to be untangled, bladders to be fixed, (they puncture real easy), and you need someone there to help you launch the kite. Having watched these guys learn and take some seriously heavy falls to where they are now makes me A L M O S T wish that I had taken it up. Kiteboarding that is. But then when you see them getting launched into the air, losing control of their kites and see them fall hard into trees, beach etc. I am glad that I did not.

Living in a tree house when a cyclone is going through is not a quiet affair. The blinds are banging, the roof is shaking and the whole thing is actually really loud. So, had very little sleep last night. Today the winds seem to have dropped off a bit so fingers crossed for a more peaceful night.

Friday, 15 April 2011

New earrings

You'd have to be buried under a very large rock to not notice the amount of feathers that has suddenly entered into the world of fashion. I got hold of some beautiful coloured feathers in Bali and have made my first pair of earrings today.
It feels good to finally be back in my "studio" and can not wait to get cracking on more tomorrow. Nearly sunset time and it looks like it is going to be another awesome one tonight.

Breakfast in Paradise

I love my morning cup of tea here on the island.
I normally get up around 06.00, make myself a cup of tea and sit in the red cushions downstairs and watch the world slowly come to life. It takes me about an hour or so to actually wake up myself so this is almost like a meditation for me.
I got hold of this book "When Love Speaks" which is full of poetry and prose for weddings, relationships and married life, edited by Adam O'Riordan, mainly because I am trying to find some inspiration for my girlfriends wedding in August.
I somehow think that: " I Love You. Cheers!" won't exactly cut it as a bridesmaid speech.
How on earth I will be able to make it through that day without shedding a couple of tears, -well that is going to be impossible.
Luckily I've still got months to hunt down a decent waterproof mascara!


When the waves aren't quite right for a surf there is always plenty to do around the house. Yesterday after a brilliant surf session I was so tired I could hardly walk back home, John decided to start sanding the decks......

Good on him, they look way better, but I still can not seem to wonder where on earth he gets his energy from. Today bright and early he finished the decks and started on our breakfast table and benches and did the Mandi bowl as well. And whilst I am so happy it is all done I must admit I am looking forward to tomorrow and to have the peace and quiet back without any machines whizzing around. The crazy thing is that I have gone a bit "Monica" on the cleaning front and seem to break out in cold sweat when I see dust, dirt around so getting the house back to it's normal self too will be an added bonus.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


It is still raining down here. We've just had 48 hours straight of rain.
The plants are loving it!
I am not!

Sunday, 10 April 2011


It is hopefully soon the end of a very wet rainy season. All the clouds and rain activity that we have had down here these last three weeks has made the sunsets an absolute stunning show to watch. I love this time of day where everything just seems to come to a stop and to be able to have the time to go down to the beach and watch the sunsets most nights has been an experience beyond words. Some, (most), of these sunsets are filled with colours and light that are absolutely breathtaking. Thought I'd share just a tiny spectrum of the colours that came through on last nights sunset.

Sunday, -pancakes and creamy shakes

As I would have mentioned earlier in this blog: Sundays down here on the island is a beautiful day. We have power for most of the day and have made Sundays into pancake day as well.
Today Big John joined us and made us his secret recipe of some super tasty avocado/chocolate "eye-eye" milkshakes.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Finders keepers

It is not like we have a lot of shops on this island.
So whenever I feel like getting something "new" to add to the house I have my own treasure cove:
The Beach.
I can spend forever just walking along the beachfront and last year I found this pretty amazing old shell, that is now living in our lounge room. On the table. On top of a piece of driftwood also found on the Beach and they are two of my most prized possessions.


It seems like one of the main exports from this island is the seaweed.
They are basically cultivating the seaweed in little farms out on the ocean here, drying it up and selling it on to be used in anything from food to make up.
With the on-shores blowing strong the lovely smell of rotting seaweed is one of the things I will not miss when hopefully the off shores sets in.
But they do make a pretty picture.

Internet connection

I haven't been able to do as much blogging as I wanted to these last couple of weeks.
The internet connection from this island is sooooo slow and just to upload my pictures to the blog takes about nearly 20 mins. per picture. (Not joking).
Today was our first sunny day in three weeks. We had a total of 4 hours of sunshine and you know I made the most of it. In a way I've been quite lucky that the sun hasn't been out sooner as I just about have healed up since my last meeting with the sun.
The cats are now all happy, settled in and getting fat again.
The love and devotion they show each other, and us, is very rewarding. That and the fact that there is not a single mouse or rat in sight makes it well worth having them. All I need now is a veterinary to come and fix them up so there'll be no more litters. 5 is more than enough. No matter how cute they are.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cyclone warning

As I wrote earlier we had a cyclone warning for this weekend.
So Greg and John took advantage of the increasingly strong southerlies to launch their kites for their first run this season.
I also think it was out of complete boredom as surf has been so bad they felt the urge to do something.
The winds were not strong enough and they ended up way down in "Suckies" land and had to be rescued by the resort dingy. Later on the winds did pick up and it has been blowing full on in the night, so much so that I thought our house was going to take off. Heaps of rain, still blowing strong on-shore's now, so strong in fact that our upstairs lounge and bedroom has turned into a huge waterpit.
Perfect Sunday weather for pancakes and TV watching.