Tuesday, 27 September 2011


John's back in the office after loong weeks out in the van. Now it is the books that gets a proper seeing to. I know he misses his ocean office more and more each day.

 And ever since last week I've started on some of my own projects as well.

Monday, 26 September 2011

When was.....


Since coming back to Norway in July I've been caught up in the other side of reality. (Maybe I should call it the real reality and I must say I much prefer the island reality).

My inspiration has completely dried up like a raisin and I was kind of wondering whether I left it on the island and if it would ever come back. 

That is until the beginning of last week. Images and designs popped into my head with so much force and frequency I've had to open the red wine bottle just to slow it down a little.

There is so much inspiration that suddenly has washed over me and I cannot wait to get back into my studio on the island and start cranking out some of my new dreamt up designs. I miss my other reality where surf, yoga, meditation and healing is more important than time and money.  

Monday, 19 September 2011

Primrose Hill/ Regents Park

Primrose Hill is a hill of 78 meters high. When you are at the top of this little hill you'll have clear views of Central London. It is also one of the most exclusive and expensive residential areas in London and there is a fair few famous people living here. In hope of seeing maybe one or two of these so called famous people I ventured out for a walk to Primrose Hill. I didn't see any but instead got to see a breath taking view of Central London instead and got to enjoy the glorious sunshine before I continued on into Regents Park.

The Regents Park covers 166 hectares and includes stunning rose gardens with more than 30,000 roses of 400 varieties. It has great sports facilities and is actually the largest outdoor sports area in Central London. As if all this wasn't enough Regents Park even got a zoo. I ventured for a walk around Regents Park, next to the canal. 

This whole walking business took me most of the day maybe because I ended up getting lost. However on a crisp, sunny September day in London I couldn't think of anything better to do. 

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Autumn? Winter?

Outside my window it is absolutely pouring down with rain.
This doesn't feel like autumn, it feels like winter has already approached.
So, instead of letting the weather get the best of me I welcome the sudden switch in seasons and light a candle, 
brew myself a cup of tea 

and later on a cup of coffee,
 (both cups bought in Anthropologie

and dream about the new designs for my jewellery,

 colourful off course, like the missing sun outside the window.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Kings Road London

I must say that Kings Road has a lot to offer for keen shoppers. It is a brilliant alternative to the more crowded Oxford Street and is more cosy and laid back and you'll find really charming boutiques everywhere.
Wouldn't hurt if you just won the lottery when you go shopping here either. 
I ended up in my absolute favourite shop: Anthropologie.

 This isn't just a shop, as I've said before, I could easily move in here. They even have their own water feature inside the shop!

Unfortunately, I didn't win the lottery so the amount of spending I could do in here was down to a bare minimum. 

A pushbike ride through London

I must say it is genius. In London you can now rent a pushbike for as little as £1 for 24 hours.

It is a brilliant way to get around London town. Just watch out for angry car drivers and make sure you are driving on the left hand side of the road....

... and keep your eye on the road and not up on the buildings as I did.
I haven't been into Hyde Park since forever and that was on my wish list for today.

The swans are swimming around so elegantly,

born posers.

Kensington garden was in full bloom and it was nice to see as normally I am here in the winter time.
It is easy to tell however that autumn is right around the corner.

There are leaves on the ground and the foliage is slowly changing colours.

All Care Cleaning in London

If you live in London and is in need of a cleaning service this is the company to choose.

All Care Cleaning has been running for over 20 years now and they clean everything from windows to carpets, moving in and out cleans, party cleans, emergency cleans, spring cleans etc. etc....

What is even better they are open 24 hours a day.
Yes, they never close so you'll always find someone in the office to talk to.
To find out more click here.

Biased? Me? Nevah ;-)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival
The Notting Hill Carnival has been going every Bank holiday in August since 1966. It is the largest celebration of its kind in Europe. (Basically it is celebrating the end of summer). (Why would anyone celebrate the end of summer??)
It is over 1 million people coming to this carnival every year and over 40,000 works as volunteers. Quite a spectacle!