Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The sunshine award

Sally over at treacle for stickybeaks has passed me the sunshine award, which I am really happy about. It is an award that passes rays of sunshine and love throughout the blogger universe.
I'll get to answer some totally random questions and pass the award on.
So here goes:

favourite colour : I love the colours of the sky during the sun set. How alive and strong they become as the sun goes down. It is impossible for me to pick a favourite colour. Today it was pink, tomorrow it could be orange.

favourite animal : Cats. I love their independence, their wisdom, the way they move, how they demand your attention with their presence and how they show their love. Unconditionally.

favourite drink : Depending on the time of day. You can never go wrong with a "Frappo" though.

facebook or twitter : Facebook.

favourite flower : Frangipanis and Roses

favourite pattern : flower/paisley and bird

giving or receiving gifts : Both thanks!

favourite number : 9

passions : life

Now I get to choose 5 persons to pass these questions and sunshine award to who each in their own right lighten up the blogger Universe for me:

Kristin @ chrispy.blogg.no

Nemi @ nemi's verden

Aida @ cottoncandy-peaches.blogspot.com/

Vivian @ vivansverden

Minna @ missing sparkles

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Necklace hanger and earring tree

For years I've been trying to find a way to keep my necklaces hanging so they would be easy to find. Now I've made my own hanger with some drift wood of the beach and it works. For now.

I also found a broken coral "tree" on the beach which works perfectly as a earring hanger.

At last

We're finally back home. In our Paradise. How I missed it and our cats.
The travel here is long but well worth it. This year we actually flew in and no, you do not want to hear about the bumpy flight in the storm. But it was either that or staying in Kupang for days on end...

The kitchen is the first room that gets cleaned up.

When we got here we quickly discovered that the storm that went through did some major damage to the electricity, at the same time our generator had decided to die on us, so for the last week we've been without power. Thank heavens I have a gas oven and that Greg and Yanto are in town so we've had a few good meals over at the resort.

The clean up is finally finished and we can now sit back and adjust back to island time. There are a surprising amount of "buleh's" in town. Unheard of! On-shore winds, rain but today we even saw a bit of sunshine. I just love this place.

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Last night in Bali we had a tremendous rain storm come through. 
At 22.00 it felt like the wind was going to blow the whole hotel down...
...and then the power went and all we could hear was the thunder and rain and wind and it was pitch black. Then it suddenly dawned on me that today we were flying into Kupang, "City of Dreams", in this weather. Great! 
We woke up in the dark and still with no power and wandered out to the road and realised that lightning had struck down some major telephone poles, the road was covered in live electrical wires, fallen trees and there was no way a taxi could drive up to the hotel.
 So we wandered up to the main road, in the dark, hauled a taxi and went to the airport. Got the flight and in 1 1/2 hours later we are in Kupang, just in time for another windy storm probably just arriving from Bali. 

 Which actually is great. After the last couple of days' rumbling around trying to buy food for the next three months it was actually a welcoming break to just lie down, read a magazine from cover to cover and eat some chocolate. How was your day?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Snapshots from the back of the motorbike

I wouldn't necessarily come to Kuta for a beach holiday, (for that I would go up to the Bukit or choose the sandy golden beaches of Nusa Dua), but for a shopping destination it is absolutely awesome.
My main footwear for the next 8 months will be flip flops, (when I have to), or barefoot which is about 80% of the time. Imagine my absolute happiness when I discovered that "Havaianas" had opened up a brand new shop in the beginning of Jl. Oberoi. The temptation was too big and I had to drag John in with me to the shop and ended up with a great pair of flip flops. Oh, he did too :-)

 There are funky shops just about everywhere you look, enough to give you whiplash and awesome decor shops as well. 
Sunset from the road.

 Yup, they've made parking a bit more difficult .
Beautiful, exotic flower arrangements in the restaurants. 

Funky places to eat.

The best milkshakes are still in the Hard Rock and believe me after 17 years here we've tried a few milkshakes.

Spa's that looks like castles and the best thing of all: You can wear singlet, shorts or dresses without freezing. No wonder I love Indonesia so much. 

Monday, 12 March 2012


Jet lagged to the max the first thing we did was to rent a motorbike and get on with our chores.
(You all know how excited I am about getting on and whizzing around on the back of John's motorbike). Facing my fears, but jeeez, did it have to be this soon?

The traffic here in Bali is getting worse every year. We've been stuck in traffic the whole day to day and I must say I was a tad envious of this dude on a skateboard!

Such a great idea and he was going faster than speedy lighting. 

We're back

We're finally back in Bali.
There is a distinct smell of Bali that is unmissable and hits you the instant you get off the plane. It is impossible to explain this smell but it reminds me of happiness. 

They leave beautiful frangipani flowers on our pillows every day.

The garden is greener than ever and we've yet to dip our toes into the water. Being so jet lagged after a long, hard winter I feel a bit like the polar bear: It is going to take me some time to wake up. 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Going, going, gone...

 The next time you'll hear from me I'll be hopefully either here:

Or even better here:

C ya :-)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


This is the view from our lounge in London:

I tried to make it a little bit more inspiring by putting some green plants in front of the window:

However, it doesn't quite add up to the real thing, the view from our lounge in Paradise Island:

Saturday, 3 March 2012


I ended up going into Oxford Circus again yesterday and got stuck in front of the Cupcake dispaly at Lola's , which in my opinion has the best cupcakes in England. 
Anyways, I heard this voice behind me mumbling something in the lines of: May I help you Madame?
 And then again but a bit louder until I realised that OMG the lady is talking to me. 
I had my birthday yesterday but in my mind I have no age or am stuck somewhere in the 20's. Then suddenly overnight, wherever I went yesterday people addressed me as Madame.....Really?
In my mind a Madame looks something like this:
So it is either time for me to:
 a)take a serious look at myself in the mirror and come to terms with my true age,
b) run to the nearest beauty shop and buy a very expensive anti-wrinkle cream
c) or go under the knife for some serious botox injections

I ended up with option 
d) stuffing my face with lovely cupcake, counting each of my wrinkles in my face and celebrating them for what they truly are: experiences of a life fully lived with laughter and tears and slowly trying to come to terms with being called Madame whenever I enter a shop......

New Kitchen

Remember the old one:

Here's the new one:



Me like :-)
After three or so weeks living in dust, mess, dust, messy lounge, dust, messy hallway, dust, and did I mention the dust? the kitchen is now nearly completed. All that is left to do is to put up a splash back but that won't be ready for another two weeks. 
Sooooooooooooo happy!