Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A number

According to numerology my number is 8.
Turn it on its side and you almost have the infinity symbol. 
Pretty cool.

Monday, 28 May 2012

The weather today

and super windy. In fact it is so windy down there that the ferry that connects us to the mainland hasn't been running for at least five days now. Great for the guys as they've had some super days kiteboarding and a shocker for the surfers as there has been flat and too windy. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Something unusual

At the end of the wet season I found so many broken "coral trees" on the beach and figured they are too beautiful to not try and do something with.
So I made an ear-ring coral tree to hang my ear-rings on and it works perfectly.

Something new

Rocky is 3 weeks new.
Already super interested in all our surfboards I wonder if he will become a surfer when he grows up? 


These little mini speakers holds an incredible sound:

Great to travel with and plug into the ipod.
My ipod however has decided to die on me. Or freeze and I cannot unfreeze it so for the last month I've been playing my music through my laptop instead.
Then two days ago I went down to kiteboard beach and lost my camera attachment so that I can no longer upoload photo's to the laptop, (what was I doing carrying the wires anyway right), and since there is not exactly a flurry of shops to choose from down here to get a new cord this double sucks.
Luckily I am due to go to Bali pretty soon and fingers crossed all my little technology problems will find a solution there. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Neon pink singlet, pink jersey and a pinkish sunset...
 That fit right into todays photo challenge "Pink".

A pink rose bracelet I made last year.

 My former self would've cringed with the whole idea of me wearing pink but over the last few years the colour suddenly seems oddly attractive to me and I am slowly introducing it into our home as well, as gently as I can as I know my husband is as allergic to the colour as I once was.

I love the tropics not only because it is nice and sunny and warm here every day but also because we get to sleep underneath a mosquito net which makes you feel so protected, it reminds me of my childhood days where we used to hide underneath the table cloth and share secrets of the world thinking no-one could hear us.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Where I stand

With my feet planted in the sand,
or more often with my feet dangling in mid air. 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Something I can't live without

It would have to be water.
I go through a few litres every day.

I also love living close to the ocean so to be able to play in the water without a wet suit is great.

And in the winter we have our fair share of fun on the frozen water....

Friday, 18 May 2012

A favourite place

I know I've posted a few photo's already of this place on my blog but today's photo challenge was a favourite place.

And Haugastoel is still my favourite place.
In my mind I cannot even remember rainy days up here, (off course we had more rainy days than sunny days) but whenever I think of "stolen" there is only happy moments. 
Great to spend my childhood roaming around in the mountains, having dips in the icy cold mountain water and going pushbike riding. 

As mentioned there was no electricity and the stove was a wood burning stove, no showers we had to use the river, outside toilet. We spent our days running around and our evenings outside by the little table or when it was raining inside with candle lights and midsummer nights in Norway if you haven't experienced them is magical. 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Something I made

Day 18 of the photo challenge: 
Something I made.
So I thought I'd show you some photo's of the latest "arm swag" that I've conjured up:

And a necklace I finished working on yesterday:

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Snack and Happy Norwegian Day

My favourite "snack" is an indecent cup of coffee with plenty cream, chocolate sauce, sugar and a chocolate bite on the side....

Not very healthy I know but then again I do not have it too often. 

Then as an aside today is Norway's independence Day so want to wish all my friends and family a very  happy and joyful day with plenty of ice cream, hot dogs and laughter. 

What I am reading right now

I started and finished reading "The hunger games" a couple of months ago, written by Suzanne Collins and got totally hooked. 
And lucky me someone has just left book no.2 here on the island for me so I am powering through it. Just as good and suspenseful as the first book. 
Happy days!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I love the sun,

and I love the snow, and the beach.

But most of all I love my husband.

Monday, 14 May 2012


On of my other favourite smells is the smell of freshly cut grass,
I also love all the little flowers you find growing in amongst the grass.
The feel of walking barefoot through the morning dew grass is priceless.

In Norway some of the houses and cabins up in the mountains has got grass on their roof to keep the heat in....

Halfway across the world our roof is also made with grass, but this is to keep the cool in and the heat out.

 We don't have a lot of grass on our property, it is mostly covered in sand, bougenvilleas and frangipani's.
However I do have some lemongrass growing, it smells wonderful and is supposed to keep the mossies away. (Doesn't work). However lemongrass is great for cooking!


What can I say?
I absolutely, totally love her with my whole being.

(Photo curtesy of Rebecca Teigland)
She is one of those really unusual people who just radiates warmth, love and happiness. 
(These two photo's were taken on my hen night where my mum and my two aunties rocked the whole night)!

(Photo curtesy of Rebecca Teigland)
She's always there for me and has been the most fantastic mum I could ever have asked for and more.

A good listener and always full of good advice and wisdom.

Thank you Mum for always being there!

Something that makes me happy

Goofing around with my girlfriends.

I don't get to see them as often as I would like to and it is pure joy whenever we meet up.


I love our kitchen down here on the island, it is in its own building and is nice and big and has got plenty of room,
 and I spend a lot of time here.
I quite enjoy baking and cooking, (in that order).
Down here on the island I've come across vegetables I've never even seen before, let alone heard of so it was a bit of a challenge in the beginning but I slowly got the hang of it, all thanks to Sally.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sheer frustration

I'm somehow unable to upload any of my photo's and it is doing my head in.
So until problem is fixed I won't write. 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

A favourite word

The winds down here is forecasted to 44 knots tomorrow so I doubt the internet will be up and running.
So therefore I will do this post today.
One of my favourite words is Imagine.
So powerful.
So promising.
Endless opportunities.
In just one single word. 

What is your favourite word?

Something I do every day

I'll have a hot cup of something every morning when I wake up.
Down here on the island I wake up very early, 05.00. That's when the roosters have already been going for an hour and the birds are starting to chirp and it is slowly getting lighter out.
Oh, and my husband is long gone out surfing. 
Eyes open but it takes me about an hour to fully wake up.
So that is when I make myself either a cup of tea, hot water with ginger and lemon or on rare occasions a cup of coffee, and then I just sit in the stillness and watch the waves.....

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A smell I adore

I absolutely adore the smell of frangipani's.

I wish somehow they could bottle it up and sell it as a perfume but so far the ones that have just doesn't quite cut it.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Someone that inspires me

My grandmother.
I find her so inspiring.
She comes from a different era, you know the "hard core" era of the olden days.
"You should really cut your hair now that you are older", is her way of telling you she loves you.
She still bakes, cooks, waddles around on her bad hips, dishing out advice to the rest of the family.
She is still 100% with it.
Still wears skirts, even in the winter time, I have never seen her in trousers or jeans.

She's been working as a "budeie", (farmer) in the Norwegian mountains ever since she was a young girl. By the age of 14 she was running the little "seter" all by herself. 
People used to come from all over to purchase her freshly made butter, sour cream and cheeses.
Up at the crack of dawn every morning to milk the cows before they got let loose in the mountains.
In the evenings she had a special song for them and she sang them all back into the farm.
When the cows were too far away she sent mum, dad and me out to go fetch them and they always misbehaved until they heard my grandmother and her song. We all spent our summers here:

No electricity.
A farmhouse, a stone building where we used to sleep as many as 8 people and a outside toilet. 
 When I was young all I wanted to do was to go to Spain like the rest of my class mates and have a "cool" holiday. Now, I feel blessed having had this experience. 

I've been following Nikki over at "inspire Nordic"
and she had this great photo challenge. A photo a day. It is a little late but I will try and do my best to complete it, as long as the internet connection allows for it. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The munchies have taken over

It's been a while since I've posted, sorry.
The internet connection has been beyond bad.
Plus I've been busy with friends, who brought chocolate, thank heavens, and another friend who is busy setting up a SPA! here on the island, so I've been able to inspect and try out every single treatment, (thank you Sascha!) I will write more about this another time.
 I feel very, very lucky.
I even had some awesome days out there in the surf.

We've been here on the island for a while now and the munchies are here big time so I've taken to baking bread, muesli/oat biscuits, (kinda "guilt-free" made with honey instead of sugar).

They lasted for two whole days.

I've taken to dreaming about Ben and Jerry's which is an ice-cream brand which makes unbelievable ice-cream, the phish food is my absolute favourite. 
Kinda hard, (impossible) to get hold of here.
So I am snacking like crazy on oat bikkies, bread and chocolate cakes in the hope that the chocolate in the fridge will last for another month. 

If you could have anything for dinner tonight what would you have?