Saturday, 30 June 2012

Less wind

The last couple of days we have seen less wind and  more swell.
Cool nights and freezing mornings due to South winds makes for hot days

and plenty of fun to be had in the surf.

Low tide

There is a big difference between low tide and high tide here on the island.
 Especially now that it is getting closer to the full moon.
 My natural swimming pool is out of water...
at least for a couple of hours.

I think the starfish are patiently waiting for the tide to come back in.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Gudung

Our "Gudung", (surfboardroom, shed, an occasional guest room) is getting a new roof fitted. 
The old grass roof has rotted away so it was long due a change.
It is so light and airy in here now I had to take some photo's before the new grass roof comes on.

 Our building master promised us that the job will be done in 2 weeks. 
That is two weeks ago. 
Rubber time.
That's the one thing we learnt long ago here in the Tropics:
Things will NEVER finish on time, they'll drag on and on and with a bit of luck the roof will be up by the end of July or perhaps just in time for the wet season to set in? 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Game of Thrones

I love a good fairytale.
I love books and I love good movies. 
And here in Indonesia we watch a lot of movies and Tv-series which we buy dirt cheap in Bali.
We've actually gotten to really dig the TV-series as the quality is  good and you get to see some good shows without the commercial breaks.
Our latest find is "Game of Thrones".
It is great!

We are both totally addicted to it and managed to watch season 1 in just three nights.
As soon as the power came on we would run upstairs, turn the TV on and watch until our eyes got sore. 
The cast is awesome and my favourite is Peter Dinklage, he plays his character so well. 
We're in the middle of Season 2 now and cannot wait to get to Bali so we can get hold of more episodes. 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Deblins are in town

Sara, Brett and Joel have come back for their annual stint and they brought presents:

Books :-)
They must've weighed a ton. All hardback covers, proper paper books.
I cannot wait to get stuck into them. It feels like Xmas.

I've been enjoying early morning walks with Sara. No mountains to climb but heaps of beachside walks, lasting up to two hours every morning from 06.30. Really great especially since the surf has been way to big for my little break to work.
Now she's gone back to her beautiful island of Kauaii and I miss her dearly. 
As for the walks it will be hard to do them alone as I will miss the company and the conversations but I got into such a good groove I will try and continue on when the waves are not breaking. 

Paradise Island from air

A tiny bit of the Paradise Island from the air.
Beaches, clear water, still semi green although it has been a while since we've seen the rain, and surf.
No wonder I re-named it Paradise!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

New rags

As you know I just came back from Bali and I did manage to pick up a few items of clothing.
Not having seen the inside of a clothing shop since March it is suffice to say I did go a bit nuts.
Bali is great for shopping and it is expanding every year.

 They've now built a brand new complex on Kuta Beach called the Kuta Walk where you can find shops like "Pull and Bear", "Guess", "Top Shop", "Gap", "Gucci" and heaps more as well as "Starbucks" and "the coffee bean and tea leaf". However, these are shops that you can find anywhere in the world and when in Bali I much prefer the local flavour. 
They have some awesome batik's there and if you are in hurry and only have one day to shop I would head straight to "Centro" which is a big mall on the beach as well and they sell all your major brands as well as some of the local ones. I picked up this awesome top that you see pictured above, with a funky back detail, cropped top but hey I am in the tropics so I figured it is ok.
I also picked up this really nice cover up/top/sundress

Trying to do the "pose".
Suck in the stomach, check
Hands on hip, check
One foot in front of the other, check. 

Friday, 8 June 2012


Bali came and went like a whirlwind.
As per normal we were so busy that the days just seemed to blend into one.
Got into Bali Friday night. Crashed.
Early risers Saturday morning to get as much food shopping as we could do before the famous traffic jams started affecting us too much. We went from 0900 - 1800 hold up in traffic.
Sunday morning off again to an early start to get to the air freight to cargo our valuable shipment off. 
Then hunting down whatever we missed on the Saturday.
Having sunset drinks with the girls we were headed towards Potato Head but there was a line! to get in so we hastily retreated to KuDeTa, before taking on Mamasan and a great dinner.
Monday I got to do some fun shopping. (Clothes and bikini's). And I will post pictures of them later on.
I haven't seen the inside of a clothing shop since March so this was a great day.

Tuesday: back in Kupang. (City of dreams).
We stayed at the T-more hotel which is like a real hotel in Kupang, with wi-fi in the rooms so this was a real treat. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Retail madness

So I am leaving the serenity and peace behind me and head to Bali.

 Where I know my footsteps won't be the only ones in the sand, they'll be mixed in with thousand other footprints. I don't think I'll even have time to hit the beach. This will be more like hitting the shops.
Our food supply are down to nothing.
Luckily I get to travel back to Bali with my neighbours: Ellen and Sascha. 
My mouth is watering with the thought of having 4 days of good quality restaurant food, no dishes and most importantly I get to stock up on chocolate which I have run out of. 
Bali here we come!

Kite season

Well, the season is in full swing.
The winds are blowing, which makes for a beautiful start of the kiteboard season.
 Here's John, Sascha and Mick in the water checking out the conditions.

 John had a ugly kiteboard accident last year and this is the first time he is in the water again. 

The scenery down here is beautiful and the beaches are pristine.

The kids all come running out of the woodwork to have a look at the crazy people flying the kites and to get their pictures taken. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Lontar Spa

 My girlfriend Sascha has set up SPA in the resort.
Which is awesome!
They've given the old SPA building that Tom designed a facelift and it is now light and breezy and beautiful on the inside:
The two massage therapists has had extensive training in Bali throughout the whole wet season, which was huge for them, especially as they are both from a little village here on the island. To change it up from here to Bali is overwhelming even for me.

The space is so peaceful and Sascha being the wonderful person she is has spoilt me rotten using me as a "test dummy" for all the treatments, (pinch me I must be dreaming). With names like "Jet Lag Remedy" and "Divine Renewal" you cannot go wrong. I had my first ever facial there and it was fantastic.

No wonder we are all happy and smiling.