Friday, 27 July 2012


We're having some friends over from London, so the last few days has been filled with sightseeing, beaches and fun.
I took Beverly with me on a quick Bali tour where she got to see batik villages,

 good old fashioned weaving, 
 and we went to see Batu Bulan a village that specializes in stone carvings.

and Dreamland beach which was a major let down.
How to ruin a beach, what you don't see in this picture is all the houses, buildings and new projects that is going up. 

The Island of the Gods

Yup we are back in Bali and our first stop was Cafe Bali for their wonderful breakfast, 
Old fashion grandmother bowls and cups and table cloths, awesome breakfast, 

 funky ceiling lights, 
wonderful decor, 

and free wi-fi.
What's not to love? 

Friday, 6 July 2012

Morning has broken

It has been so windy down here this last week and cold so we've taken to wearing jeans, sock, knitted jerseys, -and we're in the tropics! Kind of seems wrong in so many ways. I am so happy I brought with me a jersey from London this year as it has been in constant use this last week. 

 The winds have been going the whole week, non-stop, day and night and it makes an awful lot of noise and our little tree house has been shaking like a boat at sea and since we have grass roof there is dust absolutely everywhere.
The mornings is slowly getting lighter and the sun is penetrating through our bamboo walls in the morning and the birds are still twittering over the wind. It is like an orchestra out there.