Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Life-saving at Kiteboard beach

The winds have been great for kiteboarding and we took our friends Bev and Jeremy down to kiteboard beach for a swim and to watch the guys in action.
While we were there a guy approach Jeremy with a turtle. Not understanding the language Jeremy understood that the intent was for this guy to eat the turtle so he got all distraught and decided to buy the turtle off him and release it back into the ocean.

 Fact is that if they can get hold of a turtle down here on the island they will eat them. It is supposed to be a delicacy. 
 Lucky for this little fellow though he got to live another day.
John released him softly into the water and we watched him swim away,
far away from turtle eating humans and hopefully he will never return to this beach again, or he'll end up in someone's belly....

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nemberala Raveland

Not a banner I was particularly happy to see.
Worse, the surf camp behind this party lives practically 2 houses away from us.

There were a lot of people helping set this up. They had massive speaker systems, rented in a band and a DJ from Kupang and tickets were sold at 150.000rps.
Party all night long. 
So we figured there would be very little sleep to be had, so we headed over last night and went raving with the rest of our neighbours and all the other locals and tourists on this stunningly, former peacefully, beautiful island. 
I have a feeling most of us are walking around in a haze today and a na-na nap is mandatory later on this arvo. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The potato head beach club

We went to check out The Potato Head Beach Club in Bali for sunset drinks when we were there. I'd heard a lot about the place, the building is stunning and the front is covered in window shutters that have been collected from all over Indonesia. Once inside the doors this greets you:
So you're basically sitting in a half circle, looking at people sunbathing. At 17.30 in the afternoon. I would re-name the Potato Head the Poser Heads. It just takes perving to a whole new level. Would I feel comfortable laying out in a bikini in a bar knowing that probably most of the bar is watching me at some stage. Nope, I don't think so. But then again I live on a rock, sheltered and hermit style so this was a bit too much. 

 The roof in the bar looks like this:
 Pretty cool eh?
We concentrated on our drinks in the end, and the sunset moved into evening and the posers still lay on their sun-beds moving to and fro the bar, maybe they would stay there the whole night so they wouldn't miss their spot for the next day? Who knows?