Sunday, 29 September 2013

Back on the island

Well, I'm back on our island where the internet speed is super slow, non-moving, irritating and time consuming. Thank heavens for Sundays where we have power until 14.00 in the afternoon and I have time to visit all the blogs that I love dearly! 

It is great to be back here with my hubby and the little cats.
Why is it that cats have this intense love for running in between your legs when you walk, trying to trip you up?
Surf is on-shore/south, big waves but non surfable due to the strong winds.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Rock Bar Ayana and La Favela Jl. oberoi

 After our wonderful Spa treatment we headed down to the Rock Bar to watch the sunset.
This place is really popular and there is a funicular taking you down the cliff face where at the bottom you have the coolest bar, great music and 360 degree view of the ocean.
 Since we booked a package we had VIP tickets and went straight past the queue that was forming and was at the bar in no time.
 There was a bit of a swell running so the views were even more spectacular and I love a cloudy sunset.
 Drinks done we headed into a new restaurant in town:
La Favela which is a brand new concept, good food, great music will most certainly come back.
For more pictures of La Favela click here.

The Ayana Spa

 The Ayana Resort and Spa out in Jimbaran, Bali is home to one of the worlds largest Auquatonic Seawater pools.
 The area itself is huge and stunningly beautiful.
I had heard that the Aquatonic pool would really benefit jet-lag so when my friends arrived from Norway this is where I took them on their first day of the holiday.
 It is a super relaxing atmosphere with birds twittering, the gentle sound of water trickling and off course the waves crushing in on the beach below. We picked a two hours treatment which started off with a session in the Aquatonic pool and ended up in the Rock bar with VIP access, cocktails included.
 Before the treatment started we drank our welcome drink and got a thorough explanation about the pool and the benefits of it. You go through different stations in the pool where the high powered pressure water hits different parts of your body so in the end you get a full water massage.
A perfect way to start your holiday.

Revolver Espresso Seminyak

Revolver Espresso at Gang 51 on Jl. Oberoi is one of my favourite places to go to for a cuppa'.
Seriously cool place and their sourdough breakfast is to die for.
Even if you don't like coffee it is well worth a visit.


I haven't stepped a foot outside our little Paradise island since early May.

Which means I haven't seen the inside of a shop for about 4 1/2 months now.
Which is a long time.
Now, Bali is great for shopping which means we are headed into danger territory for me.
I thought I'd show you some of the street shopping that can be had.
Now why is it that anything that glitters and catches the sunlight is of instant attraction to me?

What I need and what I want is meddled into a I want everything.

Stylish shopfronts are luring me in.

Fluorescence mini Buddha statues that glow in the dark anyone?

Saturday, 21 September 2013


 I am finally back in island of gods, incense and mystic.
Not to mention the land of good food and shops.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


I have this innate fear of the water, of drowning, so it took me a very, very long time to be able to find the courage to move beyond the safety of the shore. I have always been drawn to the waves and always admired the surfers who were able to ride the waves so beautifully, fearlessly and so in synch with the rythm of the ocean so after a few years here in our little Paradise I decided to conquer my fears, get out there on a board and play.
In my mind I still struggle so when I paddle onto waves like this photo above it honestly feels like I am paddling onto monsters like the one John is paddling onto below. My mantra the whole time while I am trying to catch the wave is: "Don't look back, don't look back", which I do most of the time anyway and when I do look back I pull off the wave. Too scared.
So it was extremely frustrating and sad to see these photo's of myself surfing, but it was also uplifting because now I know that the waves are tiny little things, not like the monsters of my mind. Next time I get out there my mantra will be:
You can do it,
You can do it

And maybe stop trying to compare myself to my husband who has no fear and takes on these monsters with a refreshing outlook of fun. 

It is amazing what you can achieve once you set your mind straight.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


 We don't have much of a garden in our little tropical Paradise, opting for the white sand and keeping flowers around the edges, growing on our rock fences.
 Bougainvilleas is the type of flower tree that seems to grow extremely well in the harsh sunny/salty conditions.
 Springtime is upon us so John is cutting away branches, making room for new ones to grow

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Hus

 The hus in Rote is a ritual tradition from pre-Christian times, formerly held to ask the deities for rain, a good harvest or other bounty. 
 Originally the hus was performed by horsemen in traditional tilangga hat and ikat cloth circling a large tree which was believed to hold hidden powers. Horsemen representing their different clans would approach the festival site from the North, South, East or West - each direction having a specific power and circle the tree at a fast pace.
While riding very fast they whipped their horses and themselves with the thorny new shoots of the lontar palm until blood was drawn.
 The first man to draw blood was reckoned to have the most auspicious hus.
Gong music plays an important role in inciting the riders and horses to greater speed and bravery. 
Today the Rotinese hold the hus wherever they choose and the horses are judged in competitions for speed while maintaining a specific gait, outright speed, best decorated horse and best head and tail of horse. 

(Copied directly of Libby House and Bapak Simon Ballu).


 They grow up so quick and they are so full of mischief and love.
 They race each other, they fight and they snuggle up with each other.
 A proud Menace, daddy cat.
And my beautiful Princess the mother cat. I still struggle with finding vet's here which is a shame. I would love to have them all fixed because I am afraid that there will only be more and more and more cats as neither John or I can stomach the idea of killing them as we fall in love with every single one of them.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Early morning walks

 I make sure I get out there at 07.00 to do my walks these days as the weather is heating up.
 Most days I wander inland but my coastal walks are so stunningly beautiful.
It gives me a chance to pop my head into my neighbours for a friendly chat and if I'm lucky a cuppa'. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Got headphones

Got headphones, -will travel :-).
Music sounds just so much better with good headphones.
Travel is just so much better with good music. 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Come into my kitchen

 Here on our lovely tropical island I have my own kitchen building.
I love it!
 It is round as the rest of the houses on our property and it is really easy to work within.
 I truly miss it when I head back to London as I always spend a lot of time in here.