Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Gail's Bakery in Queens park

I am (un)fortunate enough to have the lovely Gail's bakery in Queens Park a swift 10 minute walk from our house here in London. 
I say unfortunate because theoretically by now we are both trying to slim down after a complete and utter eat feast since coming back from Indonesia.

But with Gail's so close to our house it is impossible, (willpower, not available at the moment) and I swear to you that I can  s m e l l  their French sourdough every Sunday morning, 
(which is our total splurge day). 
 I've noticed after so many years living in Indonesia that my stomach now really can't handle too much wheat, but off course every Sunday that is all forgotten.
I mean, who can turn down goodies like the wonderful fondant's, or the infamous carrot cake.
 Their cupcakes are also to die for and my favourite is the pecan "mini" pai.

So if you are ever in London and find yourself close to a Gail's bakery, it comes Warmly Recommended, 
(and hey they didn't even pay me to make this ad)