Sunday, 23 March 2014

Long haul flights

So it is that time of year again, when we finally check out of London and check back into our more relaxed, laid back island life.
 Now I've gone through the whole winter without even a hint of a cold/flu this year, so what happens?
The minute I step off our long haul plane and put my feet on Bali ground I can feel my throat tingling. I ended up with a horrible head-cold, fever, non-stop coughing and a complete loss of smell. So not good timing!!! 
My body is struggling to get used to the heat, my skin is so white I swear it glows in the dark and I reckon I am about 10 kg's heavier than when I left this lovely place in November. I blame it on winter!

As per our usual schedule the first couple of days here are spent running around like headless chickens trying to organise food to bring down to our Paradise, cat-food for our little cats, paints, tools, surfboards, tide-charts, the list goes on and on and on....we don't travel light.
We air freighted our cargo off yesterday and today was spent in total bliss, frolicking in the sun, relaxing by the Ku De Ta's sunbeds and taking a well earned breather. Tomorrow we are flying out of here and back to our Paradise island. 
I cannot wait!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring in bloom

If you, like me, live in London: Wow! These last couple of days been absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
The weather has been sunny and nice, warm and the blooms are out! 
One of my favourite early blooms is the Magnolia.
Basically the magnolia flower is associated with beauty, perseverance, nobility, dignity, sweetness and love for nature. What's not to love?

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sea Turtle

 I recently had my birthday and one of the many beautiful gifts that I received was this adoption of a Sea Turtle. Yesterday I received this completely unexpected turtle teddy in the post with a description of the sea turtles from the WWF.  
(I love turtles and back on the island I've paid the locals to release the turtles after they caught them in their nets but more than often I am too late and I come across dead turtles which is heartbreaking and trying to educate the locals about the threats of extinction of the turtle just makes them laugh).
The turtles have travelled the seas for over 100 million years, they have outlived almost all the prehistoric animals with which they once shared the planet. Marine turtles survived the extinction of the dinosaurs and are still present in the world's oceans today but six out of the seven species of marine turtles are listed as endangered, at risk from many factors, all of them caused by us: The Humans.

My two cousins, Catharina and Rebecca and obviously thought long and hard about what exactly they could give me, even though I specifically told them all I wanted was their company on the night. (I don't get to see them that often). And yes it was a wig party hence the dodgy hair. 
Know anyone who's birthday is coming up and feel inspired here is WWF's web site.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Bikini envy

It is getting close to that time of year again...

...where I get to frolic on the beach... 

I don't know how these ladies does it but looking this good on the beach is near to impossible, unless you have a whole team of stylists, make up artists and a really good photoshop editor or you happen to live in endless summers year round.

The reality is that sand gets stuck just about everywhere,
your skin gets burnt,
if you are stupid enough to wear lipgloss, your hair gets caught up in it,

and not to mention the sunburnt...and the hotness and stickiness of being completely out of your winter element and the comfy of cashmere sweaters.

Reality for most of us is like this lovely lady here.
She looks like she came straight from winter and is embracing the coolness of the ocean.
Sadly, this won't sell any bikini's.
Having said all this I still can't wait to get sunburnt, feel the warm air on my skin and run amok in the waves and embrace summer.  

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My hometown

Managed to spend a whole week back home in Bergen.
Quite possibly one of the more beautiful cities in the world, 
but then again I'm biased!